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Self-Tapping Screws

Get the Quality Screw Fasteners from the Leading Self-Tapping Screw Fastener Manufacturer

Looking for best screw fasteners to use in your industrial, electrical, and mechanical projects? Teo Cheow Seng is the one-stop-solution for your need, as we stand in the market being a reputable and reliable self – tapping screw fastener manufacturers.

Our provided thread-forming fasteners are vibration resistant, and free of material, labor charges including; washers, nuts, tapping, locking adhesives, and other manufacturing components and processes. It enhances vibration resistance, corrosion, and ceases loosening after the installation process.

Our manufactured self-tapping screws are totally durable and reliable, able to perform in larger diameter sizes as well as in deep thread engagement. We own an immense range of standard self-tapping, and taptite screws in different configurations, heads, types, sizes, threads, finish, and other specifications according to customer requirements.

As far as our services as a self-tapping screw fastener manufacturer is concerned, so our series of industrial products include; drywall screws, chipboard screws, self-drilling tapping screws, concrete screws, sheet metal screws, and wood screws, etc.

Our taptite form threads in drilled, plain cored, or punched holes upon assembly. It helps in excluding the need to pre-tap internal threads in ductile materials like; aluminum, zinc, and steel, etc. and helps in creating vibration resistant assemblies, this is how it helps in reducing extra charges.

Benefits, Features, & Applications of Our Self Tapping Screw Fasteners

We have our eye only for perfection being a loyal self-tapping screw fastener manufacturer. This is the reason we never compromise on quality and deliver your required range to your doorstep on time. We are available to our customers to serve our support only a few steps away.

You are welcome to contact us anytime to learn anything regarding our offered fasteners and their respective prices. We bet you’ll be never disappointed. The main perks our screw fasteners can offer you are; they’re ergonomically friendly, assembly friendly, Low-end load, have high prevailing torque, and superior vibration resistance.


Our self-tapping screw fasteners are multi-featured as it provides high vibrational resistance, high prevailing torque, increased drive-to-strip ratio, efficient torque tension relationship, an excellent axial alignment, and better stability

They’re highly applicable for convenient entry, and optimum thread forming action. Best to use in steel sections, and generally used in electrical, construction, household, mechanical, machinery, and chemical industries. In short, being a professional self-tapping screw fastener manufacturer, we make screws for multiple industries.

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