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Electric Car Fastener

Avail the Quality Product from the Leading Electric Car Fastener Manufacturer

The Teo Cheow Seng Company is counted among the leading electric car fastener manufacturer in China that is reputable for providing a vast range of automotive clips fastener solutions with highly comprehensive expertise to meet the varying needs of different vehicle applications.

Owing to a vast range of auto clips fasteners for your need, we can prove to be a one-stop-shop for clips, fasteners, and other automotive retailers, distributors. Being the leading electric car fastener manufacturer, we carry universal vehicle fasteners and clips with quality as good as original OEM parts for AMC, AUDI, Acura, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Lexus, Hyundai, BMW, Chrysler, FIAT, GM, Kia, Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo, Land Rover, Mercedes, PSA, Renault, and more.

Besides, our auto clips can be fitted for multiple applications such as;

  • Rocker Panel Retaining Clips
  • Car Door Panel Clips
  • Car Floor Mat Retainers
  • Plastic Rivets
  • Fir Tree Clips
  • Trim Moulding Clips
  • Car Trunk Clips Retainers
  • Head Light Retainers
  • Hose Clamps
  • Car Bumper Retainer Clips
  • Car Fender Retainer Clips
  • Nuts and Grommets
  • Engine Hood Sealing Clips
  • Bumper Grille Fasteners

How Our Products & Services Are Strongly Competitive With Other Electric Car Fastener Manufacturer In The Market?

Our provided car clip and fasteners stand unique and highly competitive in the market on the basis of following features including;

Parts & Fastener Kitting – We organize fasteners and small parts into service and repair kits

Get together of Small Components – We can collect little parts to address post-retail issues

Product Marking & Labelling – We also apply modified labeling to parts and print and insert H7S or user instructions

Large Range & Stock – We produce a wide range of stock to deliver auto fasteners in short lead-time

Low Minimum Order Quantities – We set the lowest possible minimum levels to reduce risk of desuetude

Product Packaging – We supply products in a variety of boxes, bags, and outer cartons to ensure product safety, and meet customer requirements

Item Branding – We can supply all parts either utilizing client marking or Xian Shun name and bundle

Being the leading electric car fastener manufacturer. We are always ready to assist our customers and provide them high-quality electric car fasteners.

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