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Aluminum Fastener

Teo Cheow Seng – The Leading Aluminum Fastener Manufacturer

Teo Cheow Seng is the leading aluminum fastener manufacturer in China known for its production and trading of high-quality precision industrial fasteners. We also offer high-quality desiccants and plastic fasteners as a one-stop-shop service to our customers. Being a top aluminum fastener manufacturer, we make versatile aluminum fasteners for a variety of industrial applications.

At our platform, you can expect to discover a diversified variety of styles & finishes. Our value-added services encompass; printing, bagging, and plating. Our signature product is widely demanded in petrochemical, nuclear, aerospace, defense, and medical industries. We provide products to all scale firms ranging from small quantities to large mill runs.

Basic Features Of A Well-known Aluminum Fastener Manufacturer 

Our aluminum fasteners and alloy steels give high performance for applications that require high wear and high strength properties, such as machine tools and manufacturing equipment.  We also excel in producing a wide range of custom metal fasteners, including alloy steels, aluminum alloy screws, bolts, nuts, and studs.

Our custom fasteners are made to demanding resistances with custom sizes, shapes, and string arrangements, guaranteeing that your latch that will meet your careful application prerequisites. Our fasteners are made to MIL-I 45208 measures and we can fabricate to ASTM, SAE, DIN, and client characterized details.

Being an experienced and loyal aluminum fastener manufacturer, we are knowledgeable about machining and fashioning all combination steels and aluminum steels, fasteners, and have full CNC machining and manufacturing generation offices.

We are focused on assembling the most noteworthy quality clasp, and our accomplished staff will work with you from your underlying call through the conveyance of a creation prepared item to guarantee that your part is fabricated to your precise determinations.

Major Specifications

Our product specifications cover an extensive range of mechanical properties that are specified by a bolt-head marking system which shows the fastener by grade. For instance, SAE grades 2, 5, and 8 are most often specified.

Average clasp composites are 2024-T4 (cold-framed fasteners, screws, bolts, machine-screw nuts), 2011-T3 (processed from-bar nuts, screws, screws), 1100 (cold-shaped bolts), and 6061-T6 (nuts).

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