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Things To Consider When Working With Aluminum Fasteners

Things To Consider When Working With Aluminum Fasteners

It’s a universal fact that stainless steel is recognized for its anti-corrosion features, and excellent tensile strength. Since there are numerous benefits of working with aluminum and stainless steel fasteners, yet there are three basic things which you must consider before using any kind of fastener for your next project

Things to Consider While Working with an Aluminum or Other Material Fasteners

  1. Select the Proper Grade in Fasteners

Yes, the standard of a grade you chose while working with fasteners, it determines the quality of the fastener. If you’re using stainless steel fasteners, then the most commonly used grades are; 304 and 316. This grade number somehow tells the corrosion factors of each, especially, the amount of molybdenum present.

On other hand, if you are using your fasteners in such an area that is prone to corrosion, then go for 316 stainless steel as it is usually taken as marine grade.

  1. Exposed Surface Contamination

Many fasteners are often prone to corrosion, and if exposed, then portions get in contact with metallic dust or filings. This is quite critical if you are using these fasteners just to bolt down machinery, even if it’s for DIY use

If you are installing equipment that can produce metal dust, make sure fasteners are covered while using an equipment

  1. Pick the Right Finish for your Fasteners

Fastener with right finis though sounds fine, yet there is a prominent difference between a polished and rough finish If you’re using such kind of fastener in potentially corrosive area, then go for the polished finish.

Besides, if your fasteners are used in such a place where rainwater can easily affect it, like on downspouts or gate hardware, then a rougher finish should hold up well once particles are naturally rinsed away.

To conclude, if you think that choosing fasteners is paramount in choosing the right size, then you’re wrong because your project is as sturdy as a type of fasteners has been used to hold together. Check us out, the best name in aluminum fastener manufacturer.

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