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Short & Quick Guide To Use Self – Tapping Screws

Short & Quick Guide To Use Self – Tapping Screws

As the name suggests, self-tapping screws drill their little tunnels by cutting accurate threads at the time when they are screwed inside plastic, wood, or metal. The self-tapping screws are helpful to use for those products which need consistent maintenance such as; canopies, or air-conditioning units which either needs to get disassemble and reassemble the item using the same threads

One can easily insert self-tapping screws with an electric screwdriver, or via a hand-held device. Here is the quick guide to using a self-taping screw, take a look!

Steps to Use Self – Tapping Screws

Before using self-tapping screws, the best thing is to drill a pilot hole with the help of material. This makes sure the screw will directly go in and will be positioned correctly. Always use a drill bit that is smaller in size as compared to the self-tapping screw while drilling the pilot hole. If the hole has a large size, then screw threads won’t have anything to attach with

In the next step, place the screw straightly, and screw it in place with a flat head or Phillips screwdriver (according to the screw head). If the screw goes in get crooked, then I can lead the head to strip

Then, tighten the screw until it gets hard or impossible to turn. But, do not over-tighten the screw as it can cause the threads to strip

The self-tapping screws comprise a sharp, intense tip or a flat, blunt tip. These sharp-tipped screws tend to drill their own hole into much softer materials like; plastic and wood and plastic so they don’t need a pilot hole

The main perk of a flat-tipped screw is, it won’t get stuck in the material and break off. When you use it for drilling harder material for instance; sheet metal, then you’ll have to drill a pilot hole in advance. If it is a thicker metal, then it might need more than one screw to drill throughout the surface.

This is the main difference between other screws and self-tapping screws is, it saves you time and energy while drilling into metal. Though, they’re a bit expensive, yet accomplished to drill and fasten in one attempt

If you’re residence or shop is near the leading self-tapping screw fastener manufacturer, then ask their representative to guide you well regarding the use of screw for your concerned application

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