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Here’s The Guide When To Use BOLTS Instead Of Screws!

Here’s The Guide When To Use BOLTS Instead Of Screws!

Before deciding which one to choose from bolt and screw for your next project, here are a few basic factors which you must consider

  1. Material

The material is something that must consider either you choose wood, sheet metal, concrete, or drywall for your DIY project. You need to determine how it will apply to screws and bolts. Because of material matters!

Okay, note that for which material work, you’ll need screws, it mainly includes;

  • Drywall
  • Sheet metal
  • Plywood
  • Pressboard
  • Deck planks


  1. For Which Applications?

For which project you’re using screw or bolt, that matters the most. Never forget that bolts have a remarkable holding strength, on the other hand, screws or taptite screws provide a middle-ground for holding power. Hence, I widely involve light to medium construction projects for instance; taptite screws are best for fencing or framing,

Bolts are best to use for heavy-duty projects. And, it also works best when the finished project is meant to be gathered and undone easily.

  1. For Which Specific Materials Bolt is Best to Use?

The bolts are best to use for the following materials;

  • Beams
  • Concrete
  • Studs

Apart from it, there could be some materials as well that might require screw or bolt assembly for fastening. In any case, always consider the load that is being applied on the fastener, in grouping with the material while choosing one from nuts, bolts, and screws.

How Bolt is different from the Hex Head Cap Screw?

The bolts somehow look alike hex head cap screws. However, the key between both is only concerned with the way you install them.

The bolt works in tandem with a nut to secure protect both material and object together. For installing a cap screw, you’ll need to turn the screw inside a tapped hole.

What do we call a Screw Without Head?

A screw with no head is often termed as a blind screw. Still, here come two types; the set and dowel screws. The dowel screws are used for joining wood, as it contains threads at both ends. Whereas, the set screws are also completely threaded, and typically driven using an internal wrenching drive.

These screws become more useful when it comes to protecting an object against or inside another object. If you want quality package in good quantity, then look for reputable and reliable taptite screw manufacturer who can help you expand and support your business

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